Ceiling Grid Heater Panels

Ceiling Grid Heater Panels

Commercial and public buildings like offices, hospitals and schools often have false ceilings composed of a metal grid with acoustic tiles.

These grids make excellent spaces to install panel heaters pointing downwards to warm the room and occupants below. A 700W heater will fit the standard 60x120cm ceiling grid space and can warm an area from 13-15m2, so replacing a tile with a heater every few metres provides a very discreet, even heat coverage for very low energy consumption. Ceiling panel heaters are therefore particularly suitable to consider during refurbishment or remodelling work.  The radiant nature of Herschel Infrared means the heat goes exactly where you want it and you don’t waste excess energy warming up unused areas of a room.

Ceiling grid heater panels also allow full usage of wall and floor space. There is no noise and no moving parts and no maintenance. Infrared heat also maintains a healthy damp-free atmosphere making it ideal for care homes and hospitals. A simple system, easy to install, easy to control room by room without wasting energy needlessly heating unoccupied spaces or forcing you to avoid bulky wall-mounted convectors.

The Herschel Select ceiling heater is available only in a white aluminium finish with a white aluminium frame.

We offer a full service for commercial ceilings, including estimating your requirements through our online calculation tool or a survey service for larger projects, and our full product range is available through a wide Australian distribution network. Available through many heating specialists and national electrical wholesalers.

  • 5 Yr Warranty
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    Key Features:

    • Slimline design, white frame
    • Fits 60 x 60 ceiling tiles
    • Great value infrared heater
    • Space-saving commercial heating
    • Gentle far infrared
    • Use with Herschel IQ controls
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