Herschel T-BT Battery operated thermostat

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Herschel T-BT Battery powered wireless thermostat


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Herschel T-BT is a compact battery-powered thermostat control designed to work exclusively with Herschel XLS heaters with their built-in SMART-R receiver.

T-BT features a manual temperature mode, a 7×1 day program mode and a holiday (or Away) mode. All modes will operate your Herschel heater(s) by turning them ON if the room temperature is lower than the desired temperature and will turn them OFF once the desired temperature is reached or exceeded.

The T-BT is designed to be easy to operate and incorporates the latest energy-saving features including Herschel’s open window technology and an adaptive start function ensuring your room is always at the right temperature with the least energy use.

The T-BT can  be paired to more than one heater meaning multiple heaters within the room can be controlled with the same T-BT thermostat.

The T-BT is not wifi enabled and will not work with the Smartlife App.

Note: The T-BT will only work with Herschel XLS heaters. It is not possible to operate the T-BT with any other brand of infrared heater.


Download the T-BT Instructions.

Technical Specifications

With a very clear backlit digital control display the T-BT has easy-to-use functions and the latest energy saving technology including:

  • 7 x 1 day programmable;
  • Manual and Away modes;
  • Window Open Function (shutting off the heating if a rapid drop in temperature is detected until you override this or wait 30 minutes);
  • Adaptive start (automatically ensures the desired room temperature is achieved at the time set);
  • Wall-mounted or Free-standing;
  • 5 – 30°C setpoint range and 0.5°C accuracy;
  • IPX0 protection – do not install in zones 0-2 in bathrooms;
  • Multiple Herschel XLS heaters can be controlled by one T-BT control.

Other Features:

  • Radio Frequency 433Mhz;
  • 35m wireless range;
  • 24 month warranty;
  • Herschel XLS Infrared heaters together with the T-BT Wireless Thermostat are fully compliant with EC Directive 2009/125/EC for Ecodesign of local space heaters.


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