Church – Essex

Customer brief: To replace the existing heaters with a more efficient system.

Gentle heat for comfortable gatherings


The Church previously had 10 Creda Night Storage Heaters, 4 of which had additional convection heaters for top up during the day at additional 1.2kW per heater.  (Total 38.8kW).

• Predecessor to the Herschel Infrared Pulsar ceiling hung heaters (8 at total 21.6kW) were installed
• The system is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller; programmed to come on at certain times when the Sanctuary is in use.

  • Results
  • An assessment of the new system, December 2012, estimates a saving of c. 70% of the power used previously
  • Lower costs, approximately £175 in December 2012, plus cost savings from additional daytime convective heating that is now redundant
  • Simple & quick installation
  • Humidity kept to lower levels than previous convective heaters; ideal for organ & woodwork
  • Heating requirements managed automatically.

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