100% natural

Far Infrared is radiant heat which we ourselves as human beings naturally emit. This is the same heat we feel from an environment warmed by the sun.  It is completely natural and 100% safe.

Human & animal sense of comfort has evolved from radiant heat from the sun. Our skin naturally tans, reflects and prompts us to avoid the suns hottest waves, Near (Shortwave) infrared. The waves we find most comfortable are those that are absorbed by our environment and radiated back – called Far and Medium (or Longwave and Middle) infrared.

Far Infrared is what our skin and common materials in our environment absorb and emit the most efficiently and 100% naturally.

Heat we were designed for

Infrared is…

  • biologically the most significant (60%) form of heat in our sense of comfort. Convection (movement of hot or cold air) represents only 15% of our feeling of comfort, with evaporation and conduction of heat from our bodies to our clothing or other objects accounting for the remaining 25%.
  • most keenly felt from the top of our bodies downwards (no surprise in evolutionary terms) and we also radiate it back out most readily towards the top of our bodies too.
  • the wavelength most efficiently absorbed by the water in our skin. The 8 – 12 micron waveband of the Far Infrared is often referred to as the “Vital” range because of its vital warming properties, of human comfort and biological significance, and put to use elsewhere in baby incubators and in the wellness industry.

Infrared is not…

  • ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is a photochemically altering wavelength from the sun in the high energy side of the Electromagnetic spectrum before the visible colour Blue.
  • microwaves. Microwaves are a longer wavelength, higher amplitude part of the Electromagnetic spectrum posessing very different physical properties from Far Infrared.
  • electrosmog producing. Resistance-based heaters form the lowest category of electromagnetic emitters of any electrical devices. All Herschel heaters are tested by approved certification labs and our EMF emissions are 90% below the current regulatory allowance.

Radiant environments are healthier

Infrared health benefits also include the implications of removing damp from buildings.

Because water absorbs infrared specifically well (partly why we enjoy the feeling so much), it also eliminates damp in buildings and reverses the conditions necessary for more damp to form.

It warms up walls and it doesn’t warm up the air.

Convection heaters do the opposite: they warm the air and don’t warm the walls. Perfect conditions for condensation to form.

An environment warmed by Infrared is therefore also very beneficial for health:

  • because dampness forms a breeding ground for mould, fungus and other bacteria that contribute to the causes of ill health.
  • Infrared is also non convective, meaning it does not create air flows within a house that carry dust, pollen and allergens around. Convection heaters by their very nature (movement of warm air) do.

More Information

You can read more information on our FAQ page “Is Infrared Heating Safe?“.