UK Production Facility - Grand Opening

Highlights of the grand opening of Herschel Infrared’s cutting-edge UK Production Facility, officially opened by Darren Jones MP for Bristol North West, Chair of Business and Trade Committee.

Plus other guest speakers Jade Lewis, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Association, Dr Richard Hall, Department for Business and Trade, and Simon Pugh-Jones RIBA, Chair of Bristol Diocesan Advisory Committee, Contributor to the Church of England’s Route Map to Net Zero.

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The Smart Route to Net Zero - filming with Fully Charged.

Watch this 15 minute film from Fully Charged, with Robert Llewellyn, discussing with Herschel how infrared heating offers a realistic and compelling alternative to heat pumps in the route to net zero.

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Herschel Comfort - the best UK made panel for sustainability & performance

Take a look behind the scenes of our UK Production Facility and see the process involved in manufacturing the Herschel Comfort – the most sustainable and efficient infrared heating panel on the market.

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Herschel Halo - The Perfect Heating Solution for Heritage Buildings

Reaching Net Zero is one of the biggest challenges that churches and heritage buildings face. To aid in the route to Net Zero, Herschel has developed a far infrared heater specifically for churches. Watch this video to see why the Halo is the perfect heating solution for heritage buildings.

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The Best Plug-In Portable Heater this Winter

Watch this short video to see how our portable heaters are the perfect solution for efficient top-up warmth this winter.

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Simple one touch control of your Herschel heating with our Smart Switches

See how you can use our Smart Switches to easily control all of your Herschel thermostats from one convenient device in this short video.

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Recent Case Studies

Replacing gas boiler with Herschel Halo results in significantly faster warm-up times

Churchwarden Andrew Bellamy discusses his experience with using Herschel Halo heaters to heat the St Michael’s Church as opposed to their old gas boiler. The old system used to take them 4 or 5 days (working 24 hours a day) to heat the church to 16 or 17 degrees, now the Halo heaters are switched on just 30 minutes before the service and within half an hour every part of the church is registering 17 or 18 degrees.

Infrared, Solar & Battery Chosen Over Heat Pump on Eco House Retrofit

Watch as we share Simon’s incredible story of how he turned a run-down 1950s bungalow into an energy-efficient home using innovative technologies, including infrared heating, solar PV, battery, and a Mixergy water heater, together with a sustainable mindset.

Halo install shows significant energy savings in Church heating

This 7 minute video will take you through St Matthews Church experience with the Halo, and the significant energy savings they have experienced over the coldest months, while using the Halo to heat their Sunday Services.

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Choosing infrared over heat pumps - Bristol, UK

This Victorian building in the heart of Bristol were looking to replace their old gas boiler. After considering heat pumps, they made the decision to heat the building with Herschel Infrared heaters.

Herschel Infrared heaters are producing exactly the result that they wanted; heating controlled remotely, flexibility, and comfortable temperatures.

Whole House IR + Solar - Lapford, Devon, UK

A customer testimonial from Chris and Catherine Stonehewer-Newbold, who have used our XLS white and mirror panels to run their entire home on a zero-carbon tariff, combining them with solar power and battery storage. Chris and Catherine talk about how great it is to have finally found a compatible solution that makes their heating affordable when compared to air-source heat pumps, that is also discreet and comfortable, and likened it to sitting directly in sunlight.

Newquay, UK - Evangelical Church

A customer testimonial from the church leader at Newquay Evangelical Church. Matthew talks about why they replaced their old convection heating system and chose to install Herschel Infrared to heat the church congregation, the benefits they’ve had since the change and how this has improved the warmth in the church while reducing their energy consumption.

Customer Review of Herschel Infrared Heating in their Home

Our customers loved their Herschel heaters so much, they now star in our TV advert. Hear their story and full testimonial of why they chose Herschel.

Heating a Kitchen Extension with Herschel Infrared Panels

Heating home extensions with Herschel Select XLS white frameless infrared panels. Transform your newly refurbished home or extension with our frameless panels that come in a number of attractive finishes.

How it works

How does Herschel Infrared Heating work?

How does Herschel far infrared heating technology work and why is it more energy efficient than convection heating? This video demonstrates how radiant objects, including humans, absorb and emit far infrared heat and how our sense of comfort is less to do with the air temperature and more to do with the temperature of the environment around you. On this basis Herschel Infrared heaters represent a breakthrough in heating technology by being low energy radiant heaters that warm up the environment around you and not the air. See how in the video.

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The Discovery & Science of Infrared Heat

Robert Fosbury, Astronomer and Professor of Ophthalmology, explains how William Herschel made his discovery of infrared back in 1800. Herschel made his incredible discovery using a prism to study the heating effect of different colours of light. Watch as Robert uses a prism to produce a spectrum of colours on the wall of William Herschel’s very own home – the very home from which William Herschel also discovered the planet Uranus in March 1781 (now The Herschel Museum of Astronomy).