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Herschel Aspect heating hot yoga
Hot yoga with Herschel Aspect
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Infrared heaters for hot yoga studios & spas

The heating solution of choice for hot yoga studios, spas and health clubs.

Far Infrared heaters are used in modern infrared saunas and are perceived by many in the health industry to offer health benefits such as encouraging healthy metabolism. The wavelength they emit is in the “vital range” of heat absorbed and radiated by the human body itself, making it a very natural form of heat.

We are the UK market leader for hot yoga heaters. Our yoga studio infrared heaters are zero light, silent and energy efficient. They are maintenance free, long life and we have options for ceiling or wall mounting.

Our Summit and Aspect XL heaters can easily achieve the 40 °C+ temperatures required when properly specified and we have specialist controls to manage these temperatures. Spas and health clubs are also using Herschel infrared heaters  to provide desired levels of heating.

To find out more about how to heat a hot yoga studio please contact us for specification and quote.

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Herschel Aspect heating hot yoga

Effective heating for Hot Yoga

uses far infrared panels to maintain a constant, natural heat.

Warm Yoga Classes

Hot yoga with Herschel Aspect

Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform on-site and desktop estimating services for commercial heating projects.

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  • White Summit 2600R

    SUMMIT White 2600 Watts

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  • Herschel Summit 2600R

    SUMMIT 2600 Watts

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    2 Year Warranty
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Customer Testimonials

“They are simply fab”!

“Thank you for the heaters, they are simply fab”!

“A warmth students really love”.

Harbour Yoga installed Herschel InfraRed panels to provide heating for Warm yoga classes at the studio. The panels are discreet and unobtrusive. They function extremely well, creating a warmth that students really love. The service from Herschel has been excellent, any issues have been dealt with extremely quickly and professionally. To summarise, we have found the panels to be an excellent product for our needs, from a great company to work with.

“Made the decision easy”

“The environmental credentials of infrared made the decision easy, you heat people and objects, instead of the space”.

Andy Brown – Owner, Woodland Spa

“A huge step forward”

“After one full season of use, the changing rooms and, particularly, the heating can be regarded as a huge step forward”

John Atkins, Chairman, Wallingford Sports Trust