Herschel Infrared Case Studies Electric heating for churches

Electric heating for churches

Efficient, easy to install electric heating for churches provided by Herschel Infrared

"The heaters are a huge success"


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, in Thames Ditton, Surrey, was seeking a solution to heat an area of the church that they had previously found difficult to heat. Electric heating for churches from Herschel Infrared provides a simple, effective solution that is quick to install.

The area we needed to warm up is a round room off the main church with a dome light in the centre. There is only one narrow stained glass window, but only a small section of wall is internal and the rest external. The room is not connected to the main Church heat system. The room is frequently used for small Church groups to gather and hold discussions throughout the year, mostly during the evening. They made do with a small electric fan heater, but as the number of meetings increased it was necessary to heat the room properly. Adding the room to the main central heating was not an option as heating the whole church for one small area is not viable, and it would take a long time to heat up. So the criteria was for a quick-heating yet quiet solution, and we also needed something easy to operate for anyone coming in to get it running.

Herschel Colorado space heaters were recommended by our survey team. They are silent, provide a fast warm warm up time and are simple to operate, using handy remote controls, for the different users who use the function area.  They were quickly and easily installed with minimal disruption using standard electrical trades.

The Herschel Colorado heaters have been found to be “so successful that we would like another quirky room heated similarly”.


“Our Lady of Lourdes church is a round building with the main Church in the centre and several storage and function rooms around the outer edge. The two Colorado R heaters recommended by Matthew have been perfect. Our electrician had no problem connecting them so installation was quick. The groups who meet in the room have been so grateful. The heaters are logical to turn on and adjust; the heat-up time is almost instant and the heat level is comfortable. It’s not a drying heat. They are absolutely silent – in addition to the discussion groups, we now hold meditation sessions in the room, something we couldn’t do with the portable fan heaters. The heaters are a huge success”.

Jenni Sheppard

Parish Secretary, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

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