Herschel Infrared Case Studies Kids Indoor Play Centre

Kids Indoor Play Centre

Customer brief: to provide effective heating for visitors to a kids indoor play centre

Hard to heat spaces


Yum Yum World is a children’s indoor play centre featuring a large soft play area and sweetie section. The management were looking for a new heating solution. As the area is occupied by small children they were looking for ceiling mounted units.  Ceiling mounting would also free up wall and floor space and maximise the size of play area.

The centre in Rugby, Warwickshire, is a 209m2 area with a ceiling height of circa 3m high.  The building is 100 years old and is a converted retail shopping unit. The building has poorly insulated concrete floors and ceiling with external walls at the front and back of the space.


The space has been installed with 10 x Herschel Summit R heaters, with remote controls to operate the heaters and manage desired temperature.

Summit heaters provide great versatility in mounting and, in this case, have enabled ceiling mounting of the heaters over the zones the children occupy. This provides a discreet yet modern solution with flexible and easy remote control, with two power levels and a nine hour timer. Heating an indoor play area has never been so effective or easy.


“They are very good and running costs are better than I thought.  We only have to run them for short periods”.  Neil Busby, Yum Yum World


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