Herschel Infrared Case Studies Heating a modern extension

Heating a modern extension

Heating a new modern kitchen extension with a range of Select XLS and Inspire panels

"The heat the panels give out make the new extension very cosy. We look forward to the warm winter days."


This customer recently had an extension built extending into the garden of their 1940’s home. They were looking to heat the extension and the adjacent office and were looking for solutions that wouldn’t take up a lot of space.  Also, they wanted to heat the bathroom in the extension but had little space to install.


To heat this extension sufficiently, a selection of Select XLS White panels ( 800W, 300W, 400W) were installed combined with an Inspire White 820W panel. Then for the bathroom it was decided to install an XLS 350W Mirror, a fantastic dual purpose mirror that remains steam-free when on.  The panels were controlled by three MD2 Thermostats. This gave the property a much needed burst of heat whenever necessary, and also used minimal space as all the panels were ceiling mounted apart from the Select XLS Mirror.


“We were having a modern kitchen/utility/cloakroom extension to our 1940’s house. We looked at all different kind of options to heat the extension plus office. We were looking for a solutions that wouldn’t take up wall space, our builder recommended Herschel’s heaters, as they could be ceiling mounted and he had used them on a previous builds. 

They fitted the bill perfectly, we also like that we can control each room via individual wifi enabled thermostats. The heat the panels give us makes it feel very cosy. We look forward to the warm winter days when they arrive.”

Thanks to Extraordinary Rooms for sharing their feedback on this design project.

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