Premier Inn

Independent Field Trial at a leading UK national hotel chain

Effective heating for hotel rooms

Herschel was approached to find an infrared solution to reduce heating costs and provide more effective heating for hotel rooms.

The existing electric convection heaters heat the air volume, wasting unnecessary energy, as well as incurring maintenance, replacement and repair costs. An independent trial is underway to compare the Herschel panels to the existing heating, in the same wall-mounted location as the existing heaters, with the same temperature controls.  Installation time per panel was approximately 30-45 minutes.

Key findings for February 1st to April 30th 2016

  • Existing convector heaters consumed c.21.5% more energy on average than Herschel Select XL
  • Higher savings for Herschel on colder days more external walls (28%)
  • Average 0.8kw per room per day saving = 190kwh per room per annum = £26 per room per annum saving*
  • Estimated annual saving would be £1.2m per annum across entire estate**
  • Would also free up wall space
  • Positive customer feedback
    • “more comfortable than convector heaters”
    • “no noise”
    • “heats very quickly”
    • “more stable with less need to adjust thermostat”
* Based on 34 weeks heating season (per Energy Saving Trust).
** Hotel chain has 44,000 UK rooms with electric convection heating

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