Herschel Infrared Case Studies Quayside – Bar & Restaurant

Quayside – Bar & Restaurant

Customer brief: Heat a large open space without detracting from the overall architectural style.

Stylish, innovative & effective pub heating solutions


Quayside Restaurant & Bar Ipswich Quayside is a waterfront bar and its owners wanted a pub heating solution that fitted in with its modern interior design and created a warm atmosphere.
The pub is a large space so key requirements were to eliminate draft spots and cold areas with economical running costs.
• The predecessor to the Herschel 3.6 kW Pulsar Infrared Ceiling Heaters was chosen to heat the space.
• Finished in high quality vitreous enamel it compliments the mix of retro, vintage and contemporary light fittings.

 The heaters have created a warm ambience eliminating drafts and cold corners
 Energy costs are effectively managed by timer controls and thermostats
 Heaters suspended from ceiling so no loss of valuable trading floor space


“They fit the bill perfectly. It was always a challenge to heat such a large open space. They are economical & look stylish & trendy. One happy customer described them as outstanding.”

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