Retail Showroom

Customer brief: to install affordable heating for new showroom

Comfortable, affordable heating


A retail door and worktop supplier got in contact as they were looking for a solution to provide background heating. Their new retail showroom featured high ceilings and had open spaces with very limited wall space.  As such, there were several installation restrictions that needed to be taken into consideration with the specification.

Herschel Solution

Herschel specified Aspect XL2 heaters.   Five Aspect XL2s were installed to heat individual display booths. The Aspect XL presents an efficient heating solution for retail spaces that are in the public eye as it has a very stylish finish with zero light.  The Aspect XL2 is 1300W and the higher wattage of 1950W is available with the Aspect XL3.

More and more retail environments are choosing Herschel.  Given the natural feeling of warmth from infrared the Aspect XL has been chosen as the heating solution for a high number of familiar high street names.


Feedback from the owners is that the heaters were competitive to both buy and install.  They provide a very comfortable background heat in the space and running costs are affordable.

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