Herschel Infrared Case Studies Wayne Mardle’s Darts School

Wayne Mardle’s Darts School

Customer brief: Efficient, easy to maintain, effective heating

“I think it’s excellent”. Professional darts player, Wayne Mardle, chooses Herschel


When professional darts player, Wayne Mardle, decided to set up a darts school from his home in St Osyth, near Clacton on Sea in Essex, he created a summer house – or “glorified shed” in his words!

Although funky, the timber “darts school” is a timber building and, as such, was born with no insulation.


He explains “I needed a heating system that was easy to maintain and cheap to run for the 15’ x 10’ space. I did my homework and read about Herschel which produces amazing pieces of kit. The team delivered the panel; I cannot fault them in any way. It was so easy to put up and just switch on and go. It’s plug and go; just plugged into a power socket. The installation of it was basically two screws to put the mounts up and then it kind of sat on the mounts and you can have it at whatever angle you want”.

Wayne was in the top eight darts players for the best part of ten years and now predominantly works for Sky Sports as a commentator and pundit. He continues “I give darts lessons a couple of times a week. If you are going to work from home you need your space so it was great to get out of the house and it works out really well because of the heating. I have a dart board and seating for a couple of people, a kettle and a couple of cups for the coffee and there is nothing to keep it warm except for the heater.”

The Herschel Aspect XL heater combines the very best in contemporary design with the latest in far infrared technology. The heat it provides is subtle and comfortable, similar to the warmth of winter sun and, with zero light, the Aspect XL is unobtrusive. Constructed from the highest quality components and materials, the heater is ideal for indoor space heating including cafés, restaurants and pubs as well as outdoor covered or semi-covered areas such as balconies, patio areas and conservatories.

“I just put it on half an hour before going out there and the good thing is the heat stays with you. It is not like a fan heater that gets extremely warm and you turn it off and its cold within minutes. I think it’s excellent and I may even buy another just for the really cold days. I’ve had lessons throughout winter and the room was never cold”.

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