Customer Service FAQs How close to objects can an Infrared panel be placed?

How close to objects can an Infrared panel be placed?

To allow the panels to operate at the right temperature and unobstructed, our Instructions call for no objects to be placed within 400mm of the front of the panel and not within 200mm of the sides of the panel. This includes if you are intending to flush-mount panels in a plastered ceiling where you must still leave 200mm around the sides of the panel which is necessary to allow you to mount or dismount the panel easily, but ensures the panel will operate at the correct temperature. The limitation does not apply to heaters being placed in a ceiling grid where the heater has to fit into the grid and therefore touch the structure of the grid. However we would still advise you not to place two heaters next to each other in a grid.

However, in practical terms, you don’t want to position a far infrared panel where objects and furniture will obstruct their radiant effect. Panels should be sited to maximise the throw and spread of the far infrared heat without obstruction. The panels radiate heat in all directions and any obstructions will interfere with the performance of the panels. Furniture should not be placed directly in the path of the panel. For example, if the panel was sited on a wall ABOVE a sofa this would warm the room and the sofa and would be working effectively, However, if the panel was located low down behind the sofa, the panel would heat the back of the sofa and not the room and would NOT work effectively. This is very different to conventional “radiators” which heat the air and are often sited behind furniture.

For our more powerful space heaters, please consult the instructions, as distances vary with each heater. We also advise that it should not be possible for materials such as curtains to blow onto the space heaters and to adhere to the minimum mounting heights of these units recommended in the instructions.