Customer Service FAQs Is infrared heating safe?

Is infrared heating safe?

Are Infrared rays safe for people?

Image showing the Infrared emitted by the human bodyFar infrared heating is 100% safe and natural for our bodies, and our well-being, as the human body is designed to accept and emit infrared. The feeling of warmth from infrared is particularly comfortable. It is UV that is harmful, not infrared, and so there is no need to worry.


Infrared Heating is a totally safe and natural for of heating for peopleThe water in our skin responds well to this particular wavelength of heat which is why it is also called the “Vital Range” of heat. This is why Infrared heaters feel so comfortable. Far Infrared rays are the same heat you would feel off a sandy beach or rocks warmed up in the sun.

People feeling an infrared heater for the first time say it is like walking past a window that the sun is shining through.

Is Infrared harmful at all?

International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRp)The International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has conducted numerous investigations into the health effects of different types of Infrared and is the resource that national bodies like the UK Health & Safety Executive refer to when setting safe working conditions. The ICNIRP concludes that for known artificial sources of Far Infrared, the “contribution made by the IR-C spectral region 3-1000µ is normally of no practical concern from a health hazard standpoint”.

Do Infrared heaters emit Ultraviolet? Are there any health risks?

Position of Infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum relative to ultravioletAlthough often compared to the “heat of the sun” Far Infrared panels do not emit ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is on the “high energy” side of the Electromagnetic spectrum and is associated with the harmful effects of exposure to the sun. At the opposite end of the spectrum, infrared is on the “low energy” side of the Electromagnetic spectrum and does not have any of the harmful characteristics of Ultraviolet. Far infrared, the gentlest form of infrared, is often used in incubators for babies.

Do infrared panels emit EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)?

Components of electric power, showing direction, wavelength and magnetic fieldAlthough the Infrared is generated electrically, all Herschel Infrared panels are also tested during certification and certified as “Low Electrosmog” appliances, falling within the lowest category of EMF output . They are also certified as having no radio interference or interference with other control devices (like remote controls) that use IR.

All electronic devices emit electro-magnetic fields in varying levels and collectively this effect is referred-to as “Electrosmog”.

All devices are therefore also subject to regulations governing the amount of acceptable EMF they can produce and reputable manufacturers in Europe are required to adhere to those regulations as part of their CE declaration.

Herschel products operate well within current safety guidelines and standards relating to EMF.

Herschel is also satisfied these standards are regularly scrutinised and updated in light of new research findings in developing technologies, best practice in the industry and legal requirements of health and safety.

Are Infrared Panels Safe to touch?

There is a risk of injury from touching any form of heater and Herschel infrared panels are no different. However, a key benefit of Herschel panels, unlike conventional heaters, is that they can be mounted higher up on walls or ceilings – reducing the likelihood of accidentally touching them or falling against them. We always advise this, especially in areas where young children or the elderly are present.

Our Herschel Inspire and Select panel heaters (excluding our Herschel IR space heating range; Advantage, Aspect, IPR4) have surface temperatures of 85 – 95 degrees centigrade. If you do touch one of these panels you will perceive this as hot on initial contact but, provided you do not continue to touch the panel, are unlikely to scald or burn.

The reason that you can touch Herschel panels without immediately injuring yourself is because a Herschel infrared panel typically has a heat energy or “watt density” of 0.09 watts per cm2 – an energy level that the skin can absorb and conduct away from the area of contact.

It is not the temperature that does the damage but the heat energy in the object.

A kettle, for example, typically has a watt density of between 15 – 30 watts per cm2. The skin cannot absorb and conduct away this level of energy and consequently scalds on the area of contact. Yet, both the Herschel IR panel and the kettle are close to 100C.

Warning: Please note that prolonged contact with any heater, Herschel included, will result in injury. Please also note that the Herschel IR space heating range (Advantage, Aspect and IPR4) all utilise Ceramic elements which run at far higher temperatures and would cause immediate injury if touched. These heaters must always be mounted in accordance with our instructions & never be touched when switched on or for 30 minutes after use.