Herschel Infrared Case Studies 16th Century Manor House

16th Century Manor House

Customer brief: to heat a converted apartment with a restricted electricity supply

Heating an apartment limited by its electrical supply


A homeowner, who purchased a newly converted, period apartment within a Manor House, has chosen infrared heaters for their heating solution.  The nature of the 16th Century property meant the apartment had a restricted electricity supply.

All the apartments within the Manor House were in the process of decommissioning their existing gas boilers, as they did not meet the current regulations, and upgrading to electric boilers. This apartment required two 22kW boilers in order to meet the heating requirement for the whole apartment and this was not feasible given the limitations on the incoming supply.


Infrared heaters, at significantly less wattage than the electric boilers, have been installed.  The large lounge area, with its high ceilings typical of a period property, has four Herschel white Pulsar heaters installed around the chandelier showpiece.

The second room to be completed was the study room and the homeowners have chosen a 1200W Herschel Inspire picture panel. As well as ensuring a warm, cosy room for customers, infrared Picture panels add a decorative feature to rooms. One of our own standard motifs has been selected for this study and they can also be customised with personal designs. Other rooms are due to follow as the project redevelopment continues.

Case study reproduced with kind permission from utility experts, Utility Trade. Visit their site for more details on the case study.



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