1930s coastal home

Customer brief: ensure a warm welcome during visits to their holiday home

"Our holiday home is snug, dry and warm: for the first time".

Homeowner update: March 2019

“I have checked my electric Ireland account and I am stunned….Much less than anticipated!”

Average monthly usage before and after Herschel infrared installed:

Night storage Infrared % saving with infrared
units units units
day 564 102 508 91
night 364 33 0 0
928 134 508 91 45% 32%

Note: homeowner supplied figures on electric usage.

45% saving on energy consumption when using Herschel infrared heaters plus a holiday home that is damp free and more comfortable. Fantastic results and Mr Shannon is now exploring options for solar and battery storage alongside his infrared heating.


Herschel infrared heaters have been installed throughout a domestic property on Achill Island, an Island off County Mayo on the West coast of the Republic of Ireland, previously damp from its coastal location.

The property is a 3 bed, single-storey dwelling, which is used as a second home, and is located right on the Atlantic coast.

Double-glazed, roof insulation, solid-stone construction, all rooms have external walls and the owners experienced issues with damp at the wall-floor junction which they were keen to resolve.

The property was previously heated with night storage heaters (which provided limited heating) and a wood-fired stove.

Why involve Herschel

The owners were looking for a highly controllable heating solution that would maintain a consistent temperature and ensure a warm welcome to their holiday home during visits. Herschel infrared is radiant heating which heats the thermal mass of buildings, retaining heat for longer and keeping walls dry which greatly improves damp and mould.


Herschel infrared Select White and Select XL Mirror heaters were installed.

The total wattage specified was 5.12kW, with the design based on a specification of 30W/m3, in accordance with the construction, insulation and age of the property.

Living room: 3 x 700W Select White

Bedroom 1: 540W Select White.         Adjacent en-suite: 350W Select XL Mirror

Bedroom 2: 2 x 350W Select White    Bedroom 3: 2 x 540W Select White

Bathroom: 350W Select XL Mirror      Note: the property also has one, non infrared, 2kW electric towel rail.

The heating system is controlled using thermostats with zones set up according to the homeowner’s requirements.

The house maintains the desired fixed temperature throughout of 21 degrees Celsius, from an average operating time of under 4 hours per day, and a running cost of circa £16 per week. In addition, the house remains warm with the damp problem having been resolved.


“Our holiday home is snug, dry and warm: for the first time. The panels are discreet; the heat is pleasant (especially the mirror panels in the bath and shower rooms). The whole-house heating system is running at less than £20/week which is a great result, and no more damp. Happy customers.  Herschel panels have transformed the house”.

Mr Shannon, April 2017


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