Our new video explaining infrared heating technology.

Infrared heating is the fastest growing of the new, alternative heating technologies on the market.  A low energy heating solution that can be powered by renewables, in a future where energy storage is commonplace, it’s no wonder why such an easy to install, maintenance free solution is being adopted by savvy consumers.

So how does Herschel Far Infrared heating work? And why is it more energy efficient than convection heating?

Far infrared is radiant heat. The same heat as a fire.  We’ve produced a video to demonstrate how radiant objects, including humans, absorb and emit far infrared heat.

Our sense of comfort is less to do with the air temperature and more to do with the temperature of the environment around you.  If the building you are in is cold, you feel cold because you are losing body heat to the building.  Far infrared heats the thermal mass of a building, storing heat in the walls and objects, radiating back the infrared heat and making us feel warm. It requires less energy than heating air which does little to heat the thermal mass of the building.

Choose from our range of heaters, available in a number of stylish finishes, to suit all domestic and commercial environments.

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