Recognising the importance of Quality Compliance and Certification

Quality is key to Herschel and we are committed to ensuring the Herschel brand is recognised for its quality products, processes, support and advice.

Herschel has the highest quality standards in the industry and all of our heaters are made in accordance to our exacting quality control standards enabling us to keep a full audit trail of our heaters and their components.

Our specialist knowledge ensures Herschel panels are designed and manufactured to ensure that the power output at the panel surface is at the optimum watts density to produce far infrared as efficiently and effectively as possible. The implications of getting this wrong results in greater than intended energy use and less comfort.  Both are classic reasons for customer dissatisfaction and why people turn to Herschel.

When choosing infrared, make certain to check products:

  • have adequate IP ratings?
  • have been tested by a certified, leading laboratory?
  • have been tested to International Safety Standards (EN 60335)?
  • are RoHS Compliant?
  • comply with EMC Directive?
  • have compliance certificates and these are in the name of the supplier?

See more details on Herschel quality here.  Choose wisely, choose Herschel.

UK certifications

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