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Heating businesses by infrared, in the hospitality and leisure sector, has long been a popular choice throughout Europe. This trend has followed more recently in the UK market as businesses recognise and reap the benefits that this efficient, stylish form of radiant heating from Herschel has to offer. So why has it become so popular?

Aspect XL bar heating solution   Herschel Pulsar heating a cafe

Cafes, restaurants and bars can be pretty difficult areas to heat given they are often larger spaces, with an open-plan layout and frequent door openings.  Plus interior design and style is often a priority for owners – something which alternative, bulky conventional heating systems on the market do not lend themselves to very well.

Step in Herschel, with our vast range of infrared heating solutions, and it’s clear to see why these hospitality businesses choose Herschel!

Our space heating range can be zoned to focus the heat exactly where it is needed without needing to heat the entire volume of air (unlike convection heating which cannot be zoned).  Available in higher wattages than our panel ranges, these powerful heaters reach high temperatures and can be positioned to provide warmth in those precise areas that need heating.

Aspect XL in Costa coffee

Unmatched Range

With the widest range of infrared heaters available, Herschel offers breadth of choice that is unmatched in the infrared market. Our space heating range caters for all design requirements, whether it be a preference for a discreet solution or a more designer style statement, as well as flexibility in mounting options. Silent in operation, managers can choose between either subtle zero light range or pleasant warm glow ranges.

Unrivalled Install Experience

Offering superior knowledge on infrared heating in the market, following years of experience working with commercial applications both in the UK and overseas, Herschel is proud to be the trusted name in infrared heating solutions; providing inspiration and advice for efficient heating systems for bars, restaurants and cafes in the hospitality and catering sector.

Recently installed in a cafe in the Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, the Herschel Pulsar looks super stylish and is receiving fantastic feedback from counter staff there. “They’re fantastic! Herschel heaters, they’ve never let us down. Very warm”.  More details to follow shortly in a case study.

Herschel Pulsar heats cafe area

To find out more details on how infrared heating works, please get in contact.

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