Our iQ Control Solution – wirelss heating controller developed for infrared heating

For smart, flexible room by room control, our brand new wireless heating controller system Herschel iQ is the first to be specially designed for infrared heating and complies with Eco-Design Legislation ready for January 2018.

Wirelss heating controller: the WH1 Central control unit
Our Herschel iQ thermostat, the T1, is easy to operate and features full 7 day programming with 3 modes for maximum control. The T1 is RF enabled and wirelessly links to our specially developed R1 receiver. The receiver is then wired to your Herschel heater allowing it to be controlled.  The R1 is the smallest, most discreet, and smartest receiver available.

The R1 receiver can be surface mounted or recessed, features an internal temperature sensor, a one-hour boost function and the latest open window technology. For large rooms, multiple receivers can pair with the T1 thermostat.

Want Central control? Our brand new Herschel iQ WH1 central controller pairs wirelessly with our R1 receivers and lets you control all your heaters in the property from one unit. The WH1 wireless heating controller system features full colour touch screen control, 6 zones, full 7 day programming and schedule, comfort & away modes. In addition, the system features one touch on/off for all heaters in the property and comes pre-programmed with our recommended heating schedule to maximise efficiency from the Herschel system. When using the WH1 the R1 reads the temperature, removing the need for separate thermostats in each room.

The T1/R1 are available now, WH1 system is due for launch by Easter. Pre-orders taken.

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R1 iQ Receiver T1 iQ ThermostatWH1 Central Control Unit


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