Warm, cosy bathrooms with a steam-free mirror that helps reduce damp

Do you rush out of your warm shower with a shiver, then frantically wait for your mirror to de-mist before getting on with your morning shave or makeup routine? Infrared bathroom mirror heaters from Herschel could be the answer.

bathroom mirror heater that does not steam up and helps reduce mould

Shiver and wait around no longer!  Herschel bathroom mirror heaters keep your bathroom warm with radiant heat, a comfortable, non stuffy warmth that keeps you cosily snug and also keeps the mirror mist-free, ensuring a happy and relaxed start to the day.

Not only that, our infrared mirrors actually help to reduce the damp and mould that is so often a problem for bathrooms.  Condensation results when warm air touches colder surfaces and can lead to mould which is both unsightly and unhealthy. Unlike convection heaters, infrared mirror panels warm the surfaces of objects, maintaining a higher temperature in the walls, without warming the air and discouraging any moisture.

Herschel towel rail in self build

“Just installed my second one. This time in the bathroom. Winter morning showers just got a lot cozier”, feedback from Rich in America.

“Our holiday home is snug, dry and warm: for the first time. The heat is pleasant (especially the mirror panels in the bath and shower rooms)……  and no more damp. Happy customers.  Herschel panels have transformed the house”. Mr Shannon, Achill Island, Republic of Ireland.

In addition to Herschel mirror heaters,infrared towel heater panels are also a great addition to any bathroom and are available in a contemporary white or black glass finish. See the whole bathroom range here.

It’s never been so easy to keep your bathroom warm.

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