How to heat a workshop

Workshops are typically large & open spaces which can be tricky areas to heat. These have often been heated through gas & electric convection heating. These are not always effective & often prove costly given the requirement to heat the entire volume of air.

Step in Herschel Infrared heating with their range of radiant heaters and now workshop heating is a much simpler proposition to solve.

Take a look at this new case study where Snows Motor Group have installed Herschel space heaters within two of their vehicle sites to fantastic feedback.  “Herschel heaters are now installed at 2 of our sites and do exactly the job they are supposed to do for us. They work very adequately for the space, and the people using it, and have provided trouble free heating for us”.

Snows Motor Group workshop

Using modern, innovative technology, infrared heating allows you to zone heat to exactly where you need it, in those areas where people are specifically working, rather than wasting energy to heat the air volume within the whole workshop.

Infrared heating presents a low maintenance, durable heating solution for workshops that is efficient by its ability to effectively zone heating to heat specific workstation areas. If you have a workshop that needs heating, contact the Herschel team for more information.

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