Transforming a cold and damp coastal home into a warm and welcoming holiday home

Owners of a property were seeking a solution to improve the effectiveness of their heating and ensure a warm welcome on visits to their, previously cold and damp, holiday home. The home is located on Achill Island in County Mayo, the largest island off the coast of Ireland, situated off the west coast. The home itself occupies a stunning location right on the beach and as such is exposed to the weather elements. The property suffered from damp issues that the owners were keen to resolve and – a common problem heating holiday homes – use of the house was occasional and did not justify expenditure into expensive systems like heat pumps.

Infrared Select panels installed in a damp home

Herschel infrared Select White and Select XL Mirror heaters were installed throughout (the full specification and details of the case study can be viewed on our website).

The house maintains the desired fixed temperature throughout of 21 degrees Celsius, from an average operating time of under 4 hours per day, and a running cost of circa £16 per week. In addition, the house remains warm with the damp problem having been resolved.


“Our holiday home is snug, dry and warm: for the first time. The panels are discreet; the heat is pleasant (especially the mirror panels in the bath and shower rooms). The whole-house heating system is running at less than £20/week which is a great result, and no more damp. Happy customers.  Herschel panels have transformed the house”.

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